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Sydney Access Consultants are co-working at Colony Kuala Lumpur


We are dedicated registered* architect professionals fully qualified in Access Consulting and we improve city accessibility, architecture, interior design and perform project management as well as training and awareness seminars.


Sydney Access Consultants™ is committed to promoting and facilitating equitable access to the built environment for people living with disability. We achieve this by assisting people to find practical, innovative and cost effective solutions to access questions encountered in everyday life.


Following up on our International appointments for Smart Cities developments, Sydney Access Consultants has recently established a branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, trading as Sydney Access Consultants (Malaysia) PLT. Kuala Lumpur is our gateway to the ASEAN.

Kuala Lumpur is the home town of Daniel Wong, Architect Partner, so we are not strangers to the Malaysian way of life, or the ins and outs of practicing architecture in Malaysia.


We do not propose to register the partnership as Architects in Malaysia. Instead we will export the work of our Malaysian architect colleagues to Australia under the supervision of Sydney Access Consultants, who are registered as architects to practice in NSW.

Our Partners in Malaysia will concentrate on providing advice in our particular area of expertise, especially access consulting, for which we're accredited in Australia. Our applications to the Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments [Gaates], for international accreditation is also under way.

Gary Finn                                    Daniel Wong