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By-laws 34A of the Uniform Building Bylaws (UBBL)

In Malaysia, it is mandatory that all public buildings must provide facilities for disabled persons.  In Sep. 20th 1990, an amendment was made to the Uniform Building Bylaws (UBBL) at the 35th National Council of Local Government (NCLG).

The amendment, namely 34A in UBBL, makes it compulsory for buildings to provide access to enable disabled persons to get into, out of and within the buildings.  Buildings already built before the commencement of this by-law must be altered to comply with the by-law within 3 years from the date of commencement.

Under National Constitution article 95A, the provision of NCLG is binding on all state governments.  By-law 34A of the UBBL was gazetted in the State of Penang on Nov. 11th 1993. (State Gazette No. Pg. P.U 26).