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Gary Finn presenting to Jakarta Government

Disability Access Advice

  • Public buildings and community facilities
  • Access to the workplace
  • Aged care facilities
  • Access to education
  • Access to transport and infrastructure
  • Access to tourist attractions
  • Accessing your business services
  • Access to Public Services
  • Accessible Streetscapes
  • Making Apartments livable
  • Is your hotel accommodation really accessible?
  • Planning your medical clinic for access 

Continuing Professional Development Seminars

  • Discourse on making our cities more accessible
  • Access awareness training
  • Preparing Disability Access Plans
  • Interpreting the Disability Standards - a practical approach for architects and developers
  • Making Cities Livable
  • Designing an environment for senior's living
  • Retirement Resorts
  • Common access mistakes and how to overcome them.
  • How to use TGSI effectively

 Architectural Documentation

  • BIM services from the Australian Construction Industry
  • Housing with Care Facilities
  • Workplaces for all
  • Housing Diversity to meet the growth of an aging population
  • Step-free urban growth
  • Smart Cities Strategies